Jewellery Brand Expansion

The Academy represents one of the newer facets of our brand, requiring us to seamlessly integrate and establish its unique identity within the jewellery company. The Academy’s mission is to disseminate profound knowledge and expertise while becoming an integral and recognizable component of the brand. We initiated a comprehensive brand audit for the Academy, aligning […]

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Champagne Brand Building

We employed a Brand Identity Prism to vividly illustrate the distinction between the brand’s desired identity and how it’s perceived by its customers. Our comprehensive analysis delved into internal factors affecting the business, uncovering strengths and weaknesses, while also exploring external factors such as opportunities and threats. This approach allowed us to proactively address future

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Still-Life Photography Digitalisation

The brand initially faced difficulties expanding its reach across various sectors of Still Life and establishing new client connections. To address this challenge, we embarked on a journey to build a compelling personal brand, establish a strategic media presence, and develop effective methods for gaining recognition. To begin, we conducted a comprehensive brand analysis, defining

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