The Academy represents one of the newer facets of our brand, requiring us to seamlessly integrate and establish its unique identity within the jewellery company. The Academy’s mission is to disseminate profound knowledge and expertise while becoming an integral and recognizable component of the brand.

We initiated a comprehensive brand audit for the Academy, aligning it with the brand’s values and recognizing the increasing importance of digitalization. By benchmarking against existing jewellery academies, we meticulously analyzed the Academy’s mission, vision, and values. This process allowed us to craft a cohesive narrative that forges a strong connection between the brand and the Academy.

Our chosen strategy revolves around promoting the Academy and its initiatives through digital communication seamlessly integrated into the brand. We spotlighted the brand’s key pillars, championing top-tier craftsmanship across various credible business units, including manufacturing, which has fostered remarkable growth and enhanced the brand’s reputation.

The SWOT matrix played a pivotal role in evaluating the Academy’s unique educational approach, its value proposition, and ensuring that its courses remain adaptable to the evolving digital landscape.

We meticulously developed a modern and user-friendly website, employing robust search engine optimization techniques. This ensured effortless access for prospective and aspiring students, separate from the brand’s core offerings, thereby eliminating any misconceptions about selling products to Academy applicants. The website presents opportunities for both online courses and traditional in-person classes.

To augment the Academy’s visibility, we devised a comprehensive social media strategy, emphasizing the benefits it offers. Our communication strategy allowed us to engage a diverse community of individuals. Through an influencer marketing strategy, we carefully selected influencers who align with the brand’s values and vision, further enhancing the brand’s reputation.

Our marketing efforts extended to annual event planning, including webinars and seminars conducted online or on campus. These events showcased the program’s value, highlighted its accomplished alumni, and detailed its certifications and accreditations. We also featured insightful guest speakers covering a range of related topics, inspiring attendees with the possibilities.

Additionally, we curated exhibitions showcasing the jewellery brand’s finest masterpieces at these events, leaving aspiring students with a tangible sense of what they could achieve.

To cultivate enthusiasm, we introduced special offers, including discounted packages for early registrants and first-hand experiences with our teams at the beginning of each academic session. These initiatives aimed to foster a sense of excitement and engagement among prospective students.